Slow and sensitive to begin with leading to firm and confident during massage. Kissing the end of my dick is always a bonus and playing with my balls also helps. Being held around the waist with another guy holding my manhood firmly in their hand and kissing my neck gently cupping my balls with his other hand. Two hands coming together of the end of my cock and a wet palm lightly rubbing my bell end. Both hand working the shaft in opposite directions and slowly coming back roger at the centre of my shaft. The top hand rubbing the tip and the bottom rubbing my balls


I love a nice slow sensual buildup first and then gentle strokes first using warm oil before grasping a bit firmer with my balls being cupped and stroked gently at the same time. It’s amazing to be edged with strokes stopping and starting, quickening and slowing. Ongoing communication with the masseur is key as is mutual appreciation and respect. Feeling comfortable enough to be completely uninhibited and open in front of someone is very special also and pretty rare


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  1. I love being pulled, massaged and jerked by my balls while sucking my partner’s dick or fucking my ass hard. This time I get to the top many times and I enjoy a lot of cum and enjoy it.

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