How Many Grapes Can A Man Fit Under His 4skin? Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project (CAN-FAP) founder Glen Callender’s Foreskin perform “Foreskin Awareness Booth” — the epic 20-minute tent show about the value of foreskin — at Brooklyn Pride, June 9 2012. (Excerpt) ; Foreskin is Fabulous! The Revolution Will Not Be Circumcised!

3 thoughts on “Under His Hood

  1. Mmm grapes in your foreskin. Is that why wine and cheese evenings were so popular in the 70s ?

  2. So, what you’re saying is, it’s true. m&m’s do really melt in your mouth, not in your hands. No, wait…

    I have to ask, was there enough heat from your dick to melt the chocolate inside? And, if so, didn’t it hurt your dickhead to have broken pieces of hard candy shell under your foreskin?

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