I used to read this thing on the internet about how to touch a man. I kind of knew it i read it so many times. But i never wrote it down. That’s the problem about getting older. You forget somethings. But this is what I can remember. Begin with your hands open very wide and place them about half an inch away from his body Work up and down his body without actually touching Him. Touch him with your breathe, blow on every single tiny part of him as if he is on fire, all the little bits that make him the man he is. Start with his face and gradually make your way down to his toes. Touch him as if your hands were magick, radiating love energy with every stroke. Feel the energy penetrating through his skin, through his flesh, entering into the prostate of his mind. Touch him with the very tips of your fingers as if they were the the feet of the best football player in the world.

Dip your hands in water and touch him. Pretend your hands are  raindrops, and as if you are moistening every minute part of his magnificent cock, and then spread that fucking energy over every tiny part of his amazing body. Lightly pull at his 4skin as if you were peeling him to allow him to reveal his inner self. Touch him as if you are creating a master piece. Touch him as if your hands were on  fire. Touch him as if your hands were the ocean. The tide coming in and then the tide going out. Touch him as if he was an orchestra. Play every instrument. Now, take a big spoon of honey, close your eyes and Touch him with your tongue. Pretend you are blind, lick every tiny little bit of him with the very tip of your honey covered tongue, as you gently whisper, how lovely, how absolutely fucking lovely. blessed bi/

4 thoughts on “How To Touch A Man

  1. Circle jerks are the best. I don’t see how we deride what is most men’s initiation into sex with partners. (Note that I didn’t say most gay men, TBH, I think a lot of gay guys were afraid they’d be seen as gay, so it’s hard to know who does it more.) It is, again, most men’s initiation into group sex, and the only group sex most men will have.

    1. I am 77 and my dick died and shriveled up and I look like a Galapagos tortoise! I am a married man and the woman in my life was NOT interested in frequent sex. I finally found another married guy in the same predicament. We edged our way to PLAY with each other and made it to a pleasure plave and became each other’s cock sucker. Never had that pleasure in the past 46 years!

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