Hi, I am writing this from a very rural village in South Africa, I am really the only gay in this village. I am 31 years old, black, Xhosa. Tall, athletic build and a handsome face, I was lucky. I am an artist.  I am interested in Photography, the male body, my black male body has been a subject and tool to express myself. I am interested at present in sexuality, nudity, the naked male body as focus. Older male bodies are more interesting to me than my younger ones, though they are too very beautiful. I am interested in men with some truth, time to their bodies, hairy chests, big daddy hands, hairy thick stock pole legs, aging tattoos, grey hair, bellies a little, and droopy saggy little melons for balls, and the old sword of a great king resting between those legs. So in essence I have been looking for images similar to those ive found on your HaPenis Blog, porn with some side of readings on sexuality, sex, masculinity, aging, psychology, mysticism, filth, pleasure, meditation, fantasy,self-love, then some really nice porn images, with texture and edge. Beauty, dare i say, Its ART, the entire blog. the whole thing is art.


I was wondering , would you be interested in images of my naked body? I often prowl the web for images of black African men (myself ) in the nude, African Tribes, LeniRefinshal’s Nuba People , Black Book by Mapplethorpe, I never saw enough, besides the gay chiselled black thug fantasy , I never saw images that played around with us, we are always so tough and stern in the images, BBCS .our penises the only parts that are seen and dont get me wrong, I enjoy having a big black penis, I just wish I could see pictures of ordinary black male bodies. not fetishes and fantasies. I decided to  take some of the images I wanted to see. self portraits, stills from videos , of me dancing in the nude, in leotard with my junk, in lace, in old shirts and nothing, masculinity is my center, bending it, playing with it, transcending it, playing power in it, spirituality, dreams, poetry. stillness, truth etc, are some of the things I believe I am thinking about when I make the pictures and videos. *They are all taken on a Huawei y5 camera, very basic level smartphone camera . so not best quality. but I do play with light and editing apps so the ideas are there, the ideas are there


6 thoughts on “Othul Xhosa

  1. Othul you are a very interesting man, the way you think.
    The images of black men that are available often make me wonder if I am fetishising over black men for your difference. Black penises are always very beautiful, discounting size and I find black skin to be much more responsive to light than white skin. It looks lustrous rather than dull.
    I definitely want to see more of your personal expression rather than you being capture by someone else.

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