i am straight, i have tried a guy before and didn’t like it, and i do really like women, but here’s what i don’t understand, it turns me on to watch another man jerk off, and watch him cumm, and i have watched gay porn , and i like seeing another guys cock, BUT WHY, i don’t understand, hope you have some answers.


A lot of men are like that: Not into anal, maybe into oral. But if they’re not being penetrated or penetrating, they’ll hook up with a guy, or even lots of guys. It’s as legitimate as any other mode of sexual expression.

May I suggest organizing a circle jerk?


9 thoughts on “What I Don’t Understand

  1. Men are « visuals » so the limit between getting excites to see a cock fucking an ass ou a pussy is hidden into mind straights lads that watch a porn hetero film u do not really know what excite them

  2. And even that we love getting into each other’s cocks, maybe it is as simple as, you have a cock, you really enjoy seeing and feeling it hard, wanking and cumming……….. All men are inherently going to enjoy this picture.
    Ok there’s other stuff but at the most basic level……..you’re not disgusted seeing your hard cock making so much pleasure with that wank, cum is so good you understand the precious liquid, and so when you, me, we all look at other cocks doing these things, it floods us with pleasure and horniness like it could be your very own beautiful penis.

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