I need my big lingam tantra massage to be a part of a whole body massage and aim to feel rejuvenated rather than relaxed at the end. Getting an erection is part of the process of stimulation but I do not want the proverbial ‘happy ending’ of ejaculation. Sexual energy is circulated around the whole of my body by the masseur with careful long, firm, massage strokes – some fast, some slow. Stimulation by oiled fingertips under the penis head (sometimes described as ‘squeezing a lemon’) works for me. Pressing the finger tips behind the balls is a wonderful stimulant and can become stronger as the massage progresses. Stimulation of my nipples goes right to the centre of my nervous system but don’t treat nipples like dials on an (old fashioned) radio. Making circular movements around the nipples using the tip of the index finger achieves the effect in a slow, teasing way.


I like to be tantalised first with the lightest body strokes passing by the penis but including my nipples. Gradually my penis becomes involved with feather like strokes from base to tip. Ongoing attention to nipples and perineum as my glans is delicately rubbed with oil. Then gentle two finger rubbing of the shaft just below the glans, and to make the orgasm perfect, a finger massages my prostate.


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Sunday, Aug 14, 2016, 6:00 PM

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