I always struggled to understand my sexuality but I knew I was bisexual from a young age. I wished I could be a women and a man. I strongly desire women and their smooth soft bodies. Of course not just any women. I have my likes and dislikes. When I’m with the women I like and she gets naked in front of me, it makes me so hard and all I can think of is to feel her body and then stick my cock inside her. She knows exactly what to do, what to wear and what pose is going to make my cock go crazy. She’s laying down and all I can see is her smooth soft thighs, nice flat soles and her arse looks like a heart shape. She was the same age as me, we were both 19 years old. The youthful skin gave her so much attraction. She could make a mans cock hard. I envied her position. She had a body that could make a man go hard. She’s constantly reminded of her beauty and desirability when the guys fuck her. Receiving all that attention, appreciation and love. Couple days later I started shaving my own body to see what it looks like smooth. I placed a mirror near the bed and laid down. When I looked back I saw the exact same smoothness, softness and a heart shaped bum just like hers. I took some photos and started searching for guys online. Within an hour I already had over 30 messages. I couldn’t meet anyone because I felt so bad what my parents would think of me and the guilty conscious was too much for me to handle. After while my father started to suspect I might be bisexual. He encouraged me to have fun with guys if that’s what makes me happy. He told me it would help me with my girlfriends in the because I understand what they like. After being accepted at my own house I honestly couldn’t care less what others think. I went online the same day and arranged to meet with not one but four guys the same day. 5 guys all naked in front of each other. They made me so happy, desired and appreciated. Younger guys need to stop over thinking and give up their pride. An older man will give them so much more appreciation and love.


3 thoughts on “I Knew I Was

  1. Doesn’t it make you wonder how it became so wrong for one man to pleasure another man? Love to hear some genuine thoughts

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