Dicks are beautiful. I love to play with myself and can enjoy intense orgasms without ejaculation. I would love to exchange penis and full body massages with other men. Being blindfolded I flow to another world when being caressed. Rising from one climax to another. Load breathing and moaning. Taking breaks. Lost in space and time. Full love and bliss. iKhan

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  1. I also like to play with myself, as widower it hard to invite others over for playtime

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    I like soft gentle touches to my penis. It is often better when the person touching it lubricates it, and gentle movements that go over the rim of the helmet and back again, are often the most sensual and stimulating. Slow cupping and caressing motions over the balls are also pleasurable and stimulating.

    1. It s true. This délicate practice give you a better knowedge of your personal sexuality. I do practice also on this way.

  3. I agre with you. I practice also a long masturbation with my penis. I have also this desire to meet a man for mutual and délicate masturbation…

    1. I enjoy the long slow strokes after beimg lubricated. I am not that comfortable with full on anal sex but during a massage and during the penis strokes I so love being penetrated by a finger slowly being inserted into my anus while the hand goes up and down my shift. I can ejaculate quote far this way

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