I had a dream that I was having sex with a man, I’m a straight guy that has no interest in males. Butt in this dream I was riding this guy and seemed to enjoy it in the dream, it seemed to go on forever until he came inside me. Does this mean I want to have sex with men?

7 thoughts on “Straight Guy Dreams About Riding A Cock

  1. It’s clearly made you curious, posting about it and such. Are you hoping to dream of riding cocks again? Maybe let yourself try some porn – there is no shame in enjoying looking at penises – we live in a hard world, let yourself have what pleasures you wish for.

  2. If you are dreaming about riding cock you must want it.. So go for it no regrets.

  3. I am 79 and i would love to fuck this guy
    He is straight but craves old cock and is very very kinky
    Harvey really wants to suck very old cock but has not had any luck as of yet
    I wish i lived closer but i made this pic and hope we can find a few very old gay men who will wank over his face

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