Diving into this site is always enlightening. I can relate myself with so many of your comments: my fears, my insecurity, my loneliness, my doubts about who I was… now, at 58, married with a wonderful woman, 3 daughters and one grandson, all that confusing feelings are gone leaving instead my true self. I am a man, and as such I can have the privilege of relating to other man as a sexual and emotional partner. I no more have to try to find the equation for marriage, family and a loving masculine friend. It simply doesn’t exist because we men are meant to love other men if so we desire. We have nothing to “understand” but accept how our masculinity expresses itself. I have a truly wonderful friend and we have the most incredible sex I ever had. We love each other and we let ourselves explore the deep connections we can build. We make love and we respect our lives. We care for each other and don’t demand anything but sincere affection. After so many dead ends searching for “somebody”, I could only find a truly special man when I embraced my deepest masculinity.


3 thoughts on “My True Self

  1. Andres i totally agree with you, reading here confirmed my already acquired point of view about being a man loving men in a manly way it helped mental evolution and freedom from society conditioning
    I had few relationships badly ended that’s life !
    , I gave up to find a sex-soul mate at45 too stressing i lived on nice shorts moments , encounters and i do not regret maybe it is my way to live my virility , as you married and kids and grand kids

    1. Hi Theo,
      Your words are refreshing.
      As you, I wasted too much time “looking for somebody”. Too much energy and stress, until I discovered I had to move on and find first my own self.
      Just by chance I discovered this site, and reading other men’s experiences, I realized masculinity has very little to do with whom I have sex with. Even more, I accepted myself and then let a man to truly embrace me.
      Wow what a powerful feeling that is! After that, I had no more doubts that to be happy, we men need another man to be connected with.

      1. Hi Andres
        Yes we truly need another man to be connected with.. when i watch around i realize that 90% of men are attracted and exibit offer themselves under different forms and degree to others men .. if we were not strongly conditioned by our society and we might express ourselves at sunlight the world would be totally different, men are attracted by men, when the right moment sets in the sparkle explode.. i missed so many opportunities because i did not dare to reveal my true self keep on going !!

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