one main reason why I do not love this site is because your assuming someone is gay or straight by what they tell you. If a man enjoys both men and women he is by nature is bisexual . Anyway you slice it, the definition means what it means. No one is going around arguing about how an oak tree should be called something else so why change a simple term that means something very specific. homosexual means you like the same sex, hetero means you like the opposite, and bi means both, its very black and white. I myself could never physically be with a woman, because I am what you would call a homosexual, I also know men who have tried with other men and it didn’t work, that would be heterosexuality, and there are reasons for it lol. I just think that its a bit uneducated to say ” well, im gay but I like to have a go at it with women every now and then” or ” well i’m a str8 man who likes men on the weekends” when you do it is your own choice, how much you do it is your own choice, but the fact that you do it at all is your desire and that is a part of your sexuality, as much as that might bother some people. the main reason men go and have sex with other men and then say they are straight is because first of all….we buy it and support it, and second, because anything else but the bi or gay label sounds better to them, its their way of escaping the word because they think it means something negative and they don’t want to deal with the burdens and adversity that come along with it. in other words…they are scared of what it means to be a bisexual man. I am only offended because too many people are slapping labels on themselves that do not fit and its like a white guy in 10th grade walking around acting like he is black or like he invented hip hop culture. I can say I am asian till I am blue in the face, but it will never change the fact that I am italian. lol peace.


Hello Jay, I absolutely hate when people make judgements about my sexuality. So I’m not going to make them about other peoples sexuality. I believe that the only person’s sexuality I’m able to judge, is my own.

Mr Cox

2 thoughts on “Bi What They Tell You

  1. Jay .. u r complaining about classifications that has been made 2000 years with christianism but nobody cared before them ! Sex is an instinct. That many satisfy inly in one way and others in many others ways .. some people eat only same food others are curious and appreciate a wide range of food ..
    i love this site as Bi i lived with my feet in two shoes .. i have a regoulat family , but i realize reading here that i was poor in my sex life comparatively to the appetites of others .. I MIGHT HAVE ACTED AS THEM. But i did not .. because it was not my craze , because passive anal sex did not pleased me , my nippleare not much sensitive i hâte SM and drugs .. i cannot pour gallons of spunk nor drink it nor shot 10 times , and even if i had few thousand of men sometimes i staied 1-2 years without .. actually the last bj was 4 years ago .. lack of time fear and covid helped ! i tried to be a moderate gay .. i could as it is my nature ! No regret ! So live your as u please u are one the others are different and our actual world is filled with lebels 70 years ago eas far worse !

  2. A men someone with balls and a cock working properly takes whatever opportunity he can get .. according his sexuals drives of the moment .. what is left is lost forever … for a better life and A BETTER sexuality DO forget labels

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