England prop Joe Marler has been banned banned for 10 weeks for grabbing the penis of Wales’ Alun Wyn Jones, the Rugby Football Union has announced. The incident has caused much debate here in the Uk with some arguing that it is just part of playing rugby while others saying it was a sexual assault. You can see Joe on the receiving end of an earlier rugby ritual, with Alun, below.

5 thoughts on “Is penis grabbing a problem in rugby?

  1. …well-in this type of sport it’s to be expected. I mean, your hands are everywhere. Yes they are. Being aggressive having floods of adrenaline can mess with the body’s function. So grabbing a man’s inflatable chipolata is inevitable. All dick touchers must feel liberated!

  2. ..well-it just seems inevitable in that type of sport. I mean, your hands are everywhere?? YES they are. So doing that can result on grabbing a mans ‘inflatable chipolata’. And feeling a cock does liberate you.

  3. Come on…. banned? Just part of the rough and tumble of men’s sport. That’s why men like to play with other men and why we don’t play rugby with women, because if we did there would be much more touching.

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