3 thoughts on “Jack Naked – The Last Miners UK

  1. Mining is a hard life, and forms strong bonds in the workers. Currently there are only open cast mines in the UK. Coal is dirty and from an ecological perspective should be contained to the past now.
    I appreciated the friendship and also the homo erotic qualities of this video.
    YES, miners did often work naked, also, because it was very hot temperatures down certains mines.

    If you work colleague is quite handsome then it would be a pleasure to SOAP his arse crack and cock and balls.
    After the shower, then go for a few beers.
    After the shower, you can suck hungrily on each others clean cock and balls.
    And even occasionally have anal sex.

  2. Man, you guys still have coal? We hit peak coal years ago. Though some still romanticize coal.

    A century ago, men even worked in the mines naked to keep from getting their clothes dirty. Because that’s far more problematic than black lung.

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