Well I am over 67 and within 3 years I will be 70 every time I see a handsome man my cock stirs and I come home and masturbate so hard i can do it again b4 bedtime and first thing in the morning i get morning wood and get off again then afternoon and relax and do it again b4 5pm. I just arouse on the least thing young man’s legs his ass and chest and looking at his cock if he hasn’t underwear on I even fantasize me erect walking on a beach with nothing but young men with erection and we all have a jerkoff section and get my semen all over his chest and stomach then I am ready 4 a another round but climax harder till my whole body is with my cock just so hot from that semen comes out hot but it feels a release that hasn’t bee. In a long time I enjoyed having sex with 20 year olds and some 40 s and some my own age I feel proud I can still have healthy sex with men and no shame about …

Francesco from Philadelphia usa

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  1. Okay fella’s at 63 I’m a tad bit younger and I’m proud to say my plumbing works just fine and is all natural. I’m a horny nudist, exhibitionist and my cock still rises to all occasions morning, noon and night. I spend hours edging and masturbating my big hard cock. I still cum lots and as many of you know I’m cock proud. Richard Anthony it’s my absolute pleasure to fire off a volley for you

    1. I’m one of the cock suckers you are looking for, I see the pictures of your massive cock and want it in my mouth on a daily basis, I search this site for new pictures of your cock Daddy Dave. Keep those pictures cumming and if you want a 48 years old cock sucker I’m your guy

      1. I welcum all your oral talents Cameron. My cock is always throbbing hard and it would be an absolute pleasure to be inside your warm wet mouth

    2. God bless you, Daddy Dave! I really appreciate your good words, and especially your ability to “fire off a volley” for me! It gives me hope that soon, once again, I’ll have the ability to “fire off a volley” of my very own! Oh yes, that is one amazingly beautiful cock waving so proudly in your picture! Kudos to you! Stay well and keep firing! Love ya, Richard Anthony!

      1. My goodness, waking up to that offer and thought has made me very hard Daddy Dave and I’m going to cum in your honour today. Wish we could make that happen

      2. Extremely hard this morning; I feel like I’m going to cum hard this Saturday morning thinking about all those shots of lovely cock

  2. OK, all you hot men ~~~ I’m 77, soon to be 78, and I’m useless! Nothing arouses me anymore, I want to blame the medications that I’m on – 4 different ones, and they have helped me immensely to cope with some physical/emotional problems. I miss getting hard and having a good “wank” as our Brit. brothers enjoy saying. Living in a small town/area that consists of too many Trump fans, and overwhelming anti-gay ignorance, there is no one with which to have any type of relationship. Additionally, my health is poor, use a cane and a walker around the house! I’m resigned to going “out” alone – no siblings, etc. But, I am thrilled that so many of men near and of my age continue to enjoy the most wonderful part of their beautiful bodies! Go for it and “get one more off” for me! I love all my fellow Gays out there! And I love all of “HapPenis” as well – super great Gay Site!

    1. Your reply and positive outlook is admirable. Thinking of you sexy man and YES HapPenis is outstanding!!

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