Hi Lester B. USA. Do not give up on relationships. A genuine meaningful one is out there but they are not an easy thing to find. Yes there are unfortunately users in all aspects of our lives: professional, personal, family or in the more intimate relationships we enter into. Fidelity and honesty, or in other words trust, are sorely lacking these days. Do not reproach yourself for being young and inexperienced, a not to dissimilar episode happened to me. It took all I had, emotionally, to take the leap of faith and trust again. Yes we can all get caught up in the flurry of attention and – dare I say – lust, but I am cautious who I give my trust too. I do not do casual relationships but sometimes a NSA quickie is fun when you know what you are getting into. Contradictory I know but some fun and seeking/finding and developing a meaningful relationship are two very different scenarios.

All my serious and lasting relationships have been built on the following premise:

how do they treat others,

what are they like in casual situations,

how to they speak of others,

are they kind generous and do they respect and above all else listen to other people.

My longest relationship – forty years – was built initially on a ‘slow burn’ to friendship to enduring relationship.

I hope life is well for you sorry if I have gone on a bit. Thanks for sharing your experience it could not have been nice revisiting that time in your life? Take care and all the best for the future. DM UK.

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