Always let the massaged person talk a bit more. I prefer oil. I like my experienced Dakini partners always decide the music. I like my bull balls massaged. It’s never enough – it seems that a Lingam massage always means just that to Dakinis. Even if you say to, they still don’t o it for long and soon move back to massaging my Lingam. The experienced Dakinis I know don’t really like too much talk – I prefer more talk though. My nearby perineum gets touched a lot, which feels very good. I come every time – and what an experience it is during a Lingam massage. I do always get the impression that an Orgasm is the point of it, even though the Dakinis I do it with say it isn’t. They do always stop touching my Lingam once it happens. I can’t yet split Orgasm and Ejaculation either – however the physical convulsing experience is so profound that I can’t feel the Semen actually rushing out from me when during a normal muscular Orgasm I can. Only when I look at the bed-sheets or the Dakinis hands and body etc afterwards do I know that I actually did shoot my sperm!

Tantric Dude

So how to you like your lingam massage and what is the point of it. Please leave a reply below

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