Being gay is a blessing. God has created many of us as gay, and all that God creates is beautiful. I would suggest you first come to accept that within yourself. Give yourself time. I would suggest that honesty really is best. Thank God for making you special. Never be ashamed of yourself, for you are beautifully made. Unfortunately some people have decided that since gay people are different, what they do is wrong. Hardly. God knows what he is doing better than people. Learn to celebrate and embrace who you really are. I hope you find support–maybe call a local gay support center that can give you some guidance, or a trusted friend. Everything will be alright. Trust that God in his wisdom knew what he was doing when he created us beautiful gay people. I hope all the best for you.


5 thoughts on “Thank God for making you special

  1. I have a blessing between my legs that I like to share, Being gay is another, The wonderment of worshiping
    another man and his being is the eighth wonder of the world

    1. Love we that blessings between your legs, being gay myself I would love to enjoy it too

  2. once you come to terms with gay it truly can be very enjoyable and pleasant once you get past the the bullcrap and guilt people try to kay on you. but it starts out with self honesty you cant be what you arent or not meant to be

    1. I definitely agree, and know it has been so much better now that I accepted myself as gay

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