I nudged him to move over onto his back. He flipped like a book-page in the wind and settled with his knees pulled tight to his chest. “Ah, I see you’ve done this before.” I commented. He was about to respond, but the sudden pressure of my log jamming right back down into his guts forced a rush from his lungs into a gasping-yelp. “That’a boy!” I teased, and resumed plunging in long-fast strokes. ‘Ungh! Ungh! Urrngh!’ rang in my ears; I knew it was the motion of the bed-springs combined with the strength of my hips that was knocking the wind out of him, but I loved the thought that it was my cock instead. I switched occasionally, steadying him and proceeding to jack-rabbit his loosening hole. His yelps and gasps would then be replaced with a long ‘Aaarrrg’ that was Mozart to my horny ears. I began feeling the heat in the room and sweat dripped off my nose and chin onto his collar-bone. Between holding my upper arms and grabbing at my chest, he suddenly reached behind my head and pulled me to his open mouth. The bitch lapped the sweat off my face while my cock sloshed in his gaping fuckhole. That put me over the edge. I held him down by his chest with one hand, ripped out of his wet-pussy and whacked my load off in a frenzy. Spritzing his chin, belly, then another strong-blast landed across his face. Flicking the last drops off I shoved it back in and continued to fuck this sloppy-puppy. My seed in his eye began to sting and I watched his face screw-up into a snarl.

He swiped at it, then wrapped his mitt around his own prong and pulled until I felt his hole clamping down real-fucking hard. I grabbed his thighs and lifted them against my belly… raising his butt off the mattress. I was almost standing upright which allowed my dickhead the right angle to punch his magic-spot over and over again. Like him, I knew what really got him off, and this was it. I knocked his gland and suffered his grip while the rest of him twisted and writhed, jacking his own ball-juice all over his face and the sheets on either side. The constant yell of orgasm, combined with the clenched-fist of his ass around my prong usually brought a second-inning for me, and this time I let it go deep into his guts… imagining I’d cause him to choak when it reached the back of his throat. Soaked from head to toe in sweat, I released my hold and let his body drop like a bag of wet cement. Breathing and groaning like he’d just run a marathon, he lay there; arms and legs flailed-out in all directions, covered in sperm. Sperm that was worked-out long and hard. The stink from his freshly fucked asshole and all that goo filled my lungs. He was a mess, and I loved it. He loved it, too. I collapsed down on top of his spent-self and slid up until I could lay fully on the bed. Rolling onto my back, I reached under his armpits and dragged his slimy-self up my front until he could lay a’top me with his face sideways on my chest. After smelling – then tasting the sweat from my armpit, I knew from experience that the heaving of my chest would soon lull him into a deep, and well-deserved sleep. I felt like a god with this guy. I was all the man he could handle, and I was the perfect cushion to curl-up on when the fucking was over. In the morning I’d get to tongue that hole of his back into wakefullness and start the day anew (Joe’s Bridge) 

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