Los Penetrados (The Penetrated) is a 45-minute film in eight acts from controversial Spanish Artist SANTIAGO SIERRA. The film was originally shot on October 12 2008, Día de la Raza, or the Day of the Race, which is the Spanish holiday commemorating Columbus’ discovery of the Americas. The film features a mirrored set with ten geometrically arranged blankets positioned on the floor, on which the various possible combinations of male and female and black and white, engage in anal penetration. The faces of the hired participants are digitally removed, rendering them as dehumanized, modular workers in Sierra’s imposed economy. The eight acts are divided into the following permutations: white man/white woman, white man/white man, white man/black woman, white man/black man, black man/black woman, black man/black man, black man/white woman, black man/white man. Choosing to film on Día de la Raza, Sierra makes an allegorical connection between the conquest of the Americas by the Spanish, and the penetration that occurs in his film. The subject matter of anal sex invites an examination of cultural psychologies of domination and submission as they relate to labor, race, gender, and class. Though conceived upon a mathematical formula, the film’s acts arrive at a succession of fluctuating outcomes, which yield an analysis of contemporary social structures in Spain.  


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2 thoughts on “Los Penetrados

  1. How apropos. Columbus fucking us over, and this fucking movie. Insert joke about his name really being Colon.

    But seriously, anal has…a lot of baggage for Indians because of the trans associations.

  2. This is my second most favourite film, ever. You know there is a quote on my website by a well known erotic artist from the Balkans(which i can’t find right now) but she is advising other erotic artist that if their art is not controversial, that they shouldn’t bother. That’s what I love about SANTIAGO SIERRA, he is Mr Controversial, Himself. Like how does somebody cumm up with a concept like this. How does somebody actually make this HaPen thIS. Art is indeed anal.

    art is anal

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