It is so funny to find a pic of myself on this site!! I didn’t expect it! I only share them now and then. I have a lot of more similar photos, but closed all my accounts in social media except for Telegram where I keep a channel named “machopeludo” which you can check.

5 thoughts on “Introducing Mr Machopeludo

  1. Hi there, Mr Machopeludo here.
    In case anyone would like to get into personal contact with me, here is my mail address: I will always reply!

  2. Mr. Machopeludo….and friend, you are a very attractive pair! I have always loved seeing a man that is not afraid to show his gentle side. You know, a colorful bird on the arm of a very masculine man is worth way more than a bird in a bush…!! I’m not sure what that means but your arm looks like a good place to start nesting! Ok….enough of that. I hope you have a man in your life that truly adores you…………..P.S. You are out of bird seed. Respectfully, Lester B. Colorado, USA.

    1. Hello there
      First of all, thanks for your kind and quick reply to my comment on your blog.
      I took the photo myself, it is me in it with Kiko, who is not with me anymore.
      I love your blog and site, I only have problems uploading my photos onto it, i have many more of them and videos too.
      I live in Seville, Spain and am 49.
      Kisses, besos

      1. Thank you very much Besos, I’ve added your new photos. The pics are a bit difficult to upload as you have to do them one at a time. Anyway as i said you can always email them to

  3. Mr Machopeludo, I absolutely love your picture, it has been on this site for many years. Whoever took the picture is an artist. You have a very beautiful cock. Feel free to upload more photos, any problems just email them to please put photos for CUMM UK in the subject box

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