one day a sexy trucker found me on the net, and asked if he could stop by my place on his way thru town. I said yes, and asked him questions about is appearance. When i asked him for a picture, he told me he didn’t have one. He told me he was considered handsome and if I didnt like what I saw when he walked up to my door, just to let him know. he would turn and walk away with no comments. I said ok. He was very handsome, about 6ft tall. I had asked him the size of his cock before, and he told me I wouldn’t be disappointed. He was right! When he took off is clothes, I was in bed watching him undress. I thought he had a dildo strapped to his waist when I first saw him nekkid. I started to laugh at the joke and realized it was real. He  long and more than 6 inches around. He told me not to worry, he wouldn’t hurt me with it. My first cock was nearly that size, so i was excited at the possibilities. I slowly took his cock in my mouth and immediately swallowed every inch of him. He looked down at me, and said a few choice curse words. He told me no man or woman had every been able to do that. I felt like I had accomplished something great! I proceeded to suck him for the next 15 minutes until he told me he wanted to screw me. i told him I have a very tight hole and seldom have anal sex. He told me he would be very gentle. I said ok. He took his fingers in inserted them one at a time into my hole until i was sufficiently stretched open. He placed a magnum condom on his dick, lubed it and my hole, and slowly slid his meat into my ass. Every inch went into me and he was surprised again at my ability to accommodate his entire length. He proceeded to make love to me for 5 minutes and then he had the wildest orgasm he had ever had. I can’t wait for him to come to my town again!

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  1. I love these Little erotic day dream stories of male phantasms ….quite arousing

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