Healthy Male Masturbation should include foreplay, ejaculation, and most importantly after-play. Foreplay, you begin to feel more relaxed. You might even watch some porn, gently rubbing your cock through your pants. You might think about some past sexual experience as you feel yourself getting a really strong erection. You drift to thinking of some really sexy person you really fancy, now your cock is really throbbing. Ejaculation itself is what most people consider the pleasure of masturbation. However, what happens after ejaculation can be even more important emotionally and pleasurable physically. This post ejaculation activity is known as “after play”. After you ejaculate, desires and energy spurts out of your body. It’s like a blast of your energy into the universe, leaving your cock completely flaccid. Over long periods of time, your cock eventually begins to think that this is it’s natural state. It is really important that men find a more positive condition to rest their erections, rather than totally get rid of it. Continue to stretch your cock after ejaculation. Kneading the shaft strongly from the base to the end of the shaft. As you do this breathe deeply and think about what you will be doing with your next full erection. This pulling and kneading will loosen penile tissue to facilite engorgement encouraging your penis to accept greater amounts of blood. When you train your penis to accept more amounts of blood, erections are produced more easily without any effort.  After after play you should conclude your ritual with the big draw technique.

In his book Secrets of Better Sex, Dr. Joel Block provides five “do’s and don’ts ” for enjoying afterplay.

• Don’t use after-play as a “sexual postmortem.”
• Don’t air sexual grievances or complaints.
• Do use this intimate time to express sexual feelings, thoughts, and desires that you’ve not previously shared.
• Don’t discuss problems with your job, your finances, or your children.
• Do cuddle and caress for at least five minutes.
• Do say “I love you’.

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