Thanks for the great piece on male arousal. The stages themselves all bring me different pleasures. The initial thickening of my cock gives me a slight tingle on my head. The cock shaft thickens but the length doesn’t change very much. Gradually my prick starts to lengthen more but the girth begins to grow faster. At this stage my foreskin begins to slowly retract over my helmet. Initially just the eye of my cock shows but the head stays pretty much the same colour. By now I’m touching my balls . The remainder of the erection follows quickly and it achieves its full thickness and length. The helmet is now fully uncovered and the cock head darkens more and more. It often rolls back by itself but I can pull the foreskin back hard to expose the full helmet and some shaft behind it. My balls are now tightly pulled in to the shaft and the area behind my shaved sac full erect like the prick shaft. If I’m wanking the precum starts to emerge now. I love the taste and use some as lube on the head and shaft. The rest is devoured. If I’m being sucked guys comment on its sweet taste. Cumming drives me crazy the inexorable build from the throbbing to the pleasureable itch you can’t scratch and the agony and divine pleasure of the inevitable flood of creamy spunk. I’ll try to hurl my cock as deep as I can if I’m fucking and pump my hips fast. Same if I’m wanking but I tend to shoot over my chest. I’ve been lucky enough to be multi orgasmic and especially so if a guy is on my cock caressing it with his lips and tongue. The first spunk is usually copious and intense. The second one has less cum usually thinner in texture and less intense but lasts longer. The build up is slower and the spasms last longer. If a multiple cum the second usually follows on quickly. If I don’t cum twice I’ll soften. The cock head usually stays uncovered as my balls become lower. Love to share my orgasm with others as semen and orgasm are a gift beyond value. Any London guys ant to watch or join me I’ll be happy to share my orgasms.

Nick London

Arousal Stage: The Arousal Stage arises when the genitals experience a swelling caused by an increase in blood filling the tissues. In men, this excitement leads to an erection.

Plateau Stage: Precum starts to release, while the man’s balls enlarge and are pulled closer to the body.

Orgasm Stage: Muscular contractions and spasms,  as your heartbeat increases. Strong cock contractions to ejaculation, spasms to the point of no return, followed immediately by ejaculation.

Crowbar Stage: I’ve noticed a stage between three and four which I call crowbar. I’m already hard but then somehow there’s an extra degree of hardness. I’m still before the point of no return, but knowing that point is in sight takes me to another level of rigidity. Imagine a steel screed pipe just before the concrete is delivered. Best experienced hands-free. Radek

Resolution Stage: The refractory period is the time needed after orgasm before the man can respond to more sexual stimulation and have another erection and orgasm. In young men, this period can be as short as a few minutes; the length of the refractory period grows as a man ages.

Magick Stage : Men can shorten the refractory period by always giving themselves a soft cock massage after ejaculation.

8 thoughts on “6 Stages Of Male Orgasms?

  1. Love those moans, Nick, and the upward curve of your boner. I’ve sucked only a few that size. But, for me, it’s always the thighs that I find most arousing, and yours do it for me. Would love to spend a half hour worshipping that solid body before asking you to spread those thighs as wide as a gymnast’s split. I’m not in nearly as good condition as you, but I’ve had my best orgasms when standing up with my legs very wide apart.

  2. Great fuckin writing…….had my cock hard as I read n looked at all the pics. Pre cum was running out of my cock slit

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