The only time I discuss orgasms with other men is during the seduction process. Using my past tale of cum-spurting bliss, to entice the current subject to partake of the opportunity to experience the same. I can’t say I have never heard male orgasms discussed in an all male group, but when I think back to the rare situation, it is a load, boorish guy who would also regale us with the size of the massive shit he recently took. In other words, it really isn’t discussed openly in polite society – and i think that’s fine.


The subject of male orgasm seems to be almost forbidden in western society. If I wanted to talk to any of my friends about it, they’d think it was at best most indelicate. Western medicine seems determined to stick to a purely missionary view of male orgasm and sexual pleasure, and although there is clearly a different tradition in the East, many writers on these traditions seems to regard east as synonymous with obscure. Even web sites frequently talk a load of rubbish one knows they are rubbish from ones own experience. One of the reasons I like your site is that it is much more open and straightforward about the whole subject. I don’t agree with everything I read there, either, (no more would you expect me to, I dare say) but at least it seems to point in a sensible direction. All the best

Paul B

7 thoughts on “The Seduction Process

  1. I worship cock and cum multiple times a day. I enjoy the feel of my rock hard throbbing cock
    and the eruption of a strong orgasm over and over

  2. I have a few men friends who I play with and can and often do discuss a variety of issues including orgasms. I love to make another man cum and have him share the experience with me. We discuss our loads, size, how it makes us feel and by sharing this, we are able to either satisfy them better or ourselves

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