This site is an open door to some of the most haunting questions we males face. I am married in my late 50’s. I love my wife and all we have built in more than 35 years together. Making love to her was sublime and because of routine, or maybe passion turning into companionship, our sex is almost non existent. Does it mean I don’t love her? No. I do more than I can say. Now that I am 58, I feel strongly sexually attracted to men. I have a friend with benefits with whom we have incredible sex: connected, respectful, even magic. I feel lots of things for him but I would never live with him. What am I? Bi, gay, curious? I don’t care. I am a man feeling more masculine than ever. I am fluid, I don’t want to have boundaries. Some years ago I told my wife that I feel attracted to men. Her reply was “I want you to be happy”. I love her even more for that. I think us, human beings, are much more sexually complex than we think. Opening our souls to this inner and sacred space inside ourselves is long overdue.


“Is my husband gay?”

“No. But his boyfriend is.”


1 thought on “Male Sexual Fluidity

  1. Andres,
    I love you, that was perfect, I wish every man knew what you do. I think you cracked it, but I know nothing. I just enjoy looking.
    Big hugs mate, naked if you want!

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