Ripped underwear! I thought I was the only horny man that did that. Rip or cut out the double crotch in some Hanes, leave an open spot on the right so everyone can see some balls and fur, so hot. I’ve got several pair that’s everything from that to more and more ripped away, all the way to total front gone, just butt and straps, everything hanging out. Love to wear them around the house, makes me so horny, leak precum all day, play and stroke, cum multiple times. Sometimes wear them with jeans or shorts to the gym, love pulling off clothes and showing off my “custom” underwear, get lots of looks! WOOF!


4 thoughts on “Male Underwear Fetish

  1. Hi Seb,

    I’ve had a fetish for playing with used men’s underwear for many years, something I used to indulge in secretly and mostly on my own as my long-term partner doesn’t share my kink, but I’ve recently started meeting with and chatting to other men who share my love of worn pants. Three of us meet regularly once a month or so in London to share gear we’ve bought, had sent to us or swapped between us, spending a few hours together sniffing and tasting our and other blokes’ cum stains, pre dribbles, piss and arse stink, enjoying the unique scents they provide. We use the gear as an aid to solo or mutual wanking and spend hours uninhibitedly worshipping each other’s bulges, cocks, pits and holes without fear of being judged by others. More often than not our afternoons end up in the shower, where we bond in our other kink for giving, receiving and tasting hot streams of piss.

    It’s not for everyone, certainly, but we’ve created a safe space where three (and hopefully more) well-adjusted, uninhibited, essentially decent blokes can get away from the outside world to enjoy the bounty of other men’s bodies and bodily secretions and each other’s company.


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