Hello Seb Cox- I’m assuming you are the responsible party for this amazing website. I was hard for hours exploring the excellent quality photos, art & videos. A few years ago I had Prostate cancer, so my libido has been way off. (I also lost 1+ 1/2 inches from my boner, which is OK to be average and alive. I was big for many years…) I love watching nude men jacking off, and your website is a real monument to beautiful manly self love and exhibitionism. I think it’s just great. So thanks for making me horney again, and I’m just bedazzled by the wonderful variety of men doing what we all do best. Thanks Seb!


Thank You peter for your encouraging words. I was having a god day anyway, but having read your note I feel like the icing on the cake. HaPenis Days.

Mr Cox

7 thoughts on “Manly Exhibitionism

  1. Peter, we have to get together that big slug of yours, and mine, frot.
    We could be dazzled by each other and exhibit ourselves to each other having our best time together.
    Doing that big slug on the glass is priceless

  2. .

    It is nice that I can be here to help other men with my Erection to lust. Thanks to Mr. Cox and everyone who contributes

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