I too stopped using deodorant and soap a few years ago, just shower twice a week, and have never smelled better. And I don’t just mean I like my smell (which I do) but I mean my pits, crotch, feet, hell my whole body no longer turns on me with ripe sweat smell. I’m balanced as far as body bacteria goes, and my pits in particular now just “smell like a man”, which makes my dick hard when I sniff ’em, not to mention other guys natural pit and body scent. WOOF! Try going natural guys, smell like the cock owning man you are, please! The world would smell much better for it, ManPitLover

I’m str8 so I haven’t been in the situation of smelling another man’s armpit. Years ago I stopped using deodorant and/or anti-perspirant because most contained aluminum. After a few months my body got accustomed to being washed only with soap and I actually didn’t need either product. As a result I discovered that it would be as long as two days before an odor or smell appeared, unless I exercised. After enjoying this website for the last two years I became more aware of my own body. After reading the article(s) about the smell of another man’s armpit I was curious about my own armpit. I purposely didn’t shower for two or three days, and depending on activity, on the second or third day the smell (not bad yet) was very stimulating and actually I can get sexually horny. Anyone else discover this?

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