i have never been gay. but lately i find myself thinking of masturbating with men. i am in my 50’s. i have never done it before. i am married. i feel so guilty. help


Men jerking off together can be deeply bonding. A lot of large metro cities have jacking clubs. Men of all ages and orientations belong and jack off together. Membership fees are nominal and worth every penny. Check one out and have fun. If you have an open-minded straight bud or gay/bi friend, they might be fun to play with too. Seapirut

Buddy, try it. I love it both ways. Pussy or a quick jerk in the park from another bloke. Both blokes want it. Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with, but just holding a stiff dick is electric. Feel another dude’s hardness and getting your own stuffy in Response. Especially if that’s in a nice outdoors setting. Then go home and see if you’re not more ardent with your wife next time. You would be surprised how many blokes our age want the same.


I am straight but lately have been getting into worship of the Penis and I feel that to love Penis is to love God. I think that while I masturbate and meditate every morning and imagine being at one with all penises I am intensifying my beliefs and it feels so right and good. Thankyou to all men who participate in your HaPenis project! Penis is good and I love them.

Joanne 2022

12 thoughts on “Wanking With Men

  1. I’m a married man in my 50’s: I have a JO buddy and I love it. We are very special friends and respect each other’s walk of life (he is gay).
    I used to look for JOB in the parks, but this is long ago. I tried to “escape” the feelings of wanting to be with another man doing it in an open space, with somebody I hardly could see his face.
    Now I do it with a man I feel a deep respect, with whom I can be naked in his bed and create a profound connection with. And most important: with somebody I can meet over and over again because I’m no longer afraid of my feelings. I do deserve respect to myself, I do deserve listening to my soul and not run away from my male’s nature. Because we are beautiful creatures, capable of intense connection with another male. It is a gift from Nature, maybe one of the most treasured ones.

    1. Excellent. Enjoy while you can. Nothing to feel guilty about. Focus on positive feelings not negative ones.

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