“Masturbation is a gift from God.” A youth director told this to a group of us when I was a teenager. I came to believe that this was true, as well as the power of the resurrection of Christ. However, all the do’s and don’t’s dreamed up by people from the Victorian era up to now have made this intimate act a taboo. In truth, the Bible mentions nothing about whether wanking is right or wrong. Jesus never said that jerking off was a sin. The blurb about Onan is not about masturbation, and the sexual part wasn’t the problem either. He refused to have a kid as he was compelled by Jewish law to do so. Not one of the hundreds of Jewish laws say that it is wrong to pleasure yourself. Jesus never said that jerking off was a sin. The only rule that he gave was to love…God, other people, and yourself. Then, there are all the quotes from Paul’s writings, like Romans 6:13. That quote at the top of a page of this site is from the King James Version. If you chose a more modern version, like The Message, it would be more understandable, as most of us are not fluent in Shakespearean English.

Romans 6:13

Romans 6:13, and others that are misquoted, have nothing to do with masturbation. “Cut the strings, pull the power, wake up! Get a life; then offer that new lease on life to God so that He can use it to make good things happen.” (Romans 6:13, from ‘The Word on the Street’ from Zondervan. It may also help to read the entire chapter, so that the verse is not taken out of context.

By the way, if you want to read some hot, erotic literature, look up the ‘Song of Soloman’, in the old testament! Love and Joy.


5 thoughts on “The Power of the Resurrection

  1. I thought there was something about spilling your seed (without fucking you wife) being a sin?

    1. Brother’s wife, actually. Onan’s brother died, and he refused to impregnate the decedent’s wife, so he was considered a murderer.

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