3 thoughts on “Me Myself and I

  1. Am muscular and big dicked… Love bros manhandling me by the cock… In Denver area

  2. Hey Lester B
    Am in Denver area…am Muscular and big dicked here man
    Love my cock grabbed, stroked, milked and manhandled. 1-1 or in front of audience of bros…. Dudes like me for my dick man, that’s hot.
    Love working w my dick and gettin my cock worked over.
    For right set of bro’s will come over to party as cock toy.
    HMU sometime

  3. OMG !!!! If there is a chance that you are a kind, thoughtful man…I would fly anywhere to meet you. There are many amazing men on this site, but YOU….big guy, have taken my breath away! GGgggrrrrrrr……

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