The Team was yarning last night, Seb, about the closing of Mens’ Spaces. Don’t know how it is there, but here you’d reckon that Aussie men were having their nuts slowly crushed in a vice! I’m 63. Back in the 60’s, Melbourne had the last of the traditional gyms, ‘Findlays’. Bare boards, spartan, brilliant instructors, roasting in summer, fucking freezing in winter. Footy players, wrestlers, athletes, sportsmen, blokes looking after their physiques worked out there, no bloke admitted under 18. But, it’s all carpets, music, designer gear & unisex now! Back in the 60’s, when I worked out there in summer, most blokes stripped to a jockstrap in the gym and even then sweated buckets. Age meant nothing. Didn’t mean anything either if a man’s bulge got too tight when he adrenalised. He just stripped completely & masturbated. Always a few bottles of oil around the gym for the lads who didn’t make it into the sauna! A small upstairs room above Charlie, the Masseur’s room, was the exchange for a slew of porn magazines that blokes had retrieved from hiding places at home. After every workout, always slipped up there after I’d stripped off. No better motivation for a daily session in the gym when I knew there’d be 2 or 3 married blokes waiting & extra hungry for dick. Discovering how a man’s body can be excited by the endless variations possible in a headjob addicted me for life. I’m 63 & still addicted. If he’s got a big mouthful of dick, I’m happy. If we both have, that’s even better. Found out in the top room at Findlays how excited I became watching another bloke being teased with tongue on the point of his horn or getting the final full dicksuck. In a Shearing Team, everything happens that I can’t live without, so I’m not leaving. But where do the young blokes of today discover just how great cockfun with other men really is? As Charlie used to say when he came up to have a good close look at the action upstairs, ‘Only another man knows where it is & what it likes.’ Seb, I reckon that’s right. As for Findlays it’s Fucked! Mentioned a Melbourne footy club yesterday. Another Male Space gone.

The players in the 60’s were mainly in their late 20’s, early 30’s. Mature men & built big. Mainly married blokes. End of every match I’d always nip into the changerooms which’d be chockablock with men. 14 or 16 players always poured out of the showers, threw 10 quid into the kitty & oiled up. First man to ejaculate took the lot. The young blokes of 18 there got a big kick seeing mature men rip into a horny jerkoff session as enthusiastically as they did with their mates. Like most of the blokes there, I always had on a tracksuit. Very convenient for accessing a horn while the race was on. No doubt about it, Seb, the fitter a man is, the healthier, the bigger the bucketload he blows. It’s one thing I love to watch, I always have. Many a young bloke there for the first time learnt that his father got real turned on by the sight of well muscled, virile footy players masturbating & didn’t try to disguise his own jerkoff. Male Pride & No Shame. I reackon all young blokes should see the raunchy side of their old man. The sons of the Overseer we had on the last Station knew that he’d dickride all day if he had his druthers. But the footy clubs, Seb, have gone the way of Findlays. Another turn of the screw on the vice in which Aussie blokes now have their nackers! Seb, when you’re here Down Under & if we’re lucky enough to see you in the Team, the blokes have decided that you’re the Chief Nuggeter. 3 shearers, 2 old bulls & 1 young bull, have got the nackers of a stallion. Great to see their balls set up at full stretch getting the treatment! Anytime you like, we’ll organize them staked out and spreadeagled. NackerLacquer here if you prefer, but in Shearing Teams the tradition is the big Nugget! I’d say you’ve got your finger on lots of pulses, Seb. What do you reckon about the disappearance of Mens’ Spaces? As a young bloke, I learnt a helluva lot about myself, my body, men in the ones I knew. Important knowledge! Stay hard, mate, James

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8 thoughts on “Mens Spaces

  1. We have a j/o club in California called laocjacks…I am planning my first visit 🙂

  2. Love this Aussie James, and yeah bchnca let’s open more places for this to happen.

  3. This is awesome. You hear about a place where guys can be men, have erections, j/o, etc. but I have never seen anything close to this except a bathhouse (like Flex) and then that’s not even a comparison because it becomes more about penetration. Being a guy (gay) I don’t even want to “f” another guy and I don’t like hanging with feminine guys. At a Los Angeles Korena spa, everyone is naked and guys want to just j/o but it’s still not “approved”. And I did get a scrub by an older Asian guy and I got a huge erection (better than a small one lol) and the guy just laid a towel on me like no big deal. Yaaaa…first time in my life that I wasn’t embarrassed for a natural normal erection. I think that I am going to start my own club 🙂 If anyone has more inside information about the old-school versions of the men’s gym’s please share.

  4. I have to say I loved this entry from James when it first appeared a few years ago.. for the avid readers of Seb’s beautiful magnum opus of male dickcentricity and love of wank, James seemed to capture the mood of a bloke”s Australia now long past. I long to meet James if he is still around in Melbourne. I want to reminisce and knock one out with him. Relaxed male fun – a yarn and a wank and a good hard cumm on the floor of on each others’ cock….. James. If you are reading this – let’s get together for a wank.

    1. I’m pretty new to this site but I just wish I could be there to help you all out with your big cock’s by dropping down to my fucken knees and deep throat your big cock’s till you decide what time you want to shoot your big load into my fucken hot wet throat

      1. I like to the one to be sucked it’s down my throat so you can come in my throat

  5. It’s true that mens’ spaces have all but disappeared in Australia. A few tears ago, recognising the increased mental health problems of men today they created the “mens’ shed” movement where blokes could get together in a workshop somewhere and perform with their tools. Innocent enough stuff where blokes could have a yarn and knock out something with their hands. Then some woman sued the equal opportunity commission to gain entry saying the men only membership was discrimination…!

    1. Indeed, it seems trying to apply female standards to males causes unique issues, when, let’s be honest, my own rural upbringing was fairly un-PC. Nothing racist or anything, but we did things that would shock your average North American suburbanite at an existential level.

      As boys, we spent a surprising amount of summertime nude. Sometimes we just wore a shirt, no pants. If we weren’t going anywhere. If we went swimming or wrestling, we went nude.

      I should mention sexuality a bit. Yes, I masturbated with most of my guy friends. We saw nothing gay about it. We also stuck it between each other’s thighs and rubbed dicks together. We did not penetrate each other, though: Sucking (but not being sucked) was seen as gay, and anal brought the bottom’s gender into question.

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