I started to self suck when I was 18. I found I could easily reach my cock and loved the feeling of my mouth. I didn’t swallow right away but held the cum in my mouth and swished it about for a little while before spitting. After a few years I had to stop because I was in the military. After getting out of the military I started to self suck again and decided to swallow all the cum every time. I soon found myself to be so limber that I could get more and more of my cock into my mouth. Over a short time I was bottoming out with my teeth and pubic bone stopping me from taking more into my mouth and throat. I realized I was easily deepthroating myself and it excited me into huge orgasms with plenty of cum. I stopped after another few years but have started to stretch myself again and now am licking my cock again. It won’t be but a few months before I am taking most my cock into my mouth again. I can hardly wait, but rushing a good thing wouldn’t be a good idea. I know to take it slow until I reach my goal of splashing the back of my throat with cum and deepthroating myself into oblivion.

8 thoughts on “Military Sucker

  1. Fantastic video,
    I t is a special treat to see a beautiful body and cock makes me wish I could do the same love to meet this man one day ,

  2. I can’t suck myself, although not for lack of trying or lack of cock size. Guys with stubbier dicks than me have been able to reach theirs. My spine simply isn’t flexible enough, never had been.

    But I’m one of many men who have occasional dreams about self sucking. In the dream I just lean over and deepthroat myself with no problem whatsoever. It’s sometimes so vivid I can feel orgasm building up. I then wake up right almost at the cusp of shooting my load, my cock shaft and pubes soaked in precum.

    Apparently recurring dreams of selfsucking is a known phenomenon in the field of psychology. Psychologists have their big names and explanations for it, but we know the real reason: longing.

    1. Oh, Ben – so true, so true. The longing never goes away – sometimes we wish we could do what we did 50, 25 years ago. How satisfying those early masturbation efforts were – and the dreams have evaporated as the ages get stronger and more filled with loss. Young men – if you are reading this – I urge you to do your self-love as frequently as you can, enjoy the cum-covered underwear, your hard cocks ever expanding and ending in a bliss that cannot be found elsewhere… a bliss for you alone. For some lucky men the thrill of an orgasm diminishes only slightly – considered yourself blessed! RA

  3. One wonders if Handel had imagined anything remotely similar to this as he was writing his “Messiah”? It does seem fitting in an odd sort of way! I think every male who views this will remember, perhaps, his own attempts at just such a “stretch” and wishes he had, or could still have, such a delightful self-induced pleasure! Indeed, he is a “lucky lad!”

  4. Unfortunately I cannot suck my own cock but I always make sure to swallow all of my cum either by cuming in my hand and licking it or lifting my legs up while jerking off so my penis is in line with my mouth so I can get all the cum straight in my mouth.
    I just love the taste of semen. I love the feeling of hot semen down my throat especially when I am lucky enough to get a partner who ejaculated a lot

    1. Oh Charles, I’m with you. I love to swallow a nice, big load. It’s the perfect reward after taking my time, sucking a man’s cock until he explodes in my mouth. I even enjoy licking his cock after, just the scent and taste of his cum.

      1. Donald : have you ever had the chance to 69 and both cum at the same time in each other’s mouth ?
        Its a fantastic feeling

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