Fucked a married woman in front of her husband last night. Yes and believe it or not I prefer it over a threesome with two girls. Don’t get me wrong having two girls at the same time is great. My wife likes to fuck and she’s good-looking with a great body most weekends we would just go to a bar and find a random guy take it back to the hotel room and fuck the shit out of my wife together sometimes it would be to other guys and me it doesn’t really matter to me just sex and I like sex sometimes you do brush up against another guy’s dick and it creeps you out a little bit but you come to get used to it my wife likes to be double penetrated and that’s a weird feeling because you can feel another dick brushing up against yours while he’s fucking your wife. I’m not a cuckold but sometimes I do sit back and watch men fuck my wife and it turns me on it turns her on to watch me fuck other women.


2 thoughts on “Fucked a Married Woman in Front of Her Husband?

  1. I just love intimacy in any form and the touch between one human and another. Iam attracted to men and women its the person not the gender that attracts me

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