I’ve had my hairy arse rimmed for the first time this year and I’ve been amazed what some guys can/will do. The first time it happened, I was facesitting a guy in my pants while wrestling him. He suddenly pulled the back of my pants down and started licking my arse. The second time it happened was while I was letting a guy give me a suck-off. He seemed to have an urge to lick my arse so I let him – mad, crazy, fun!


I agree it is indeed one of those wonderful pleasures in life! Its an art form and if two people who enjoy giving and receiving will spend the time together needed to enjoy it can produce the strongest orgasm you can imagine. Do you know how to take the safe search off when you look for pictures or videos? It is only after you have done that will you see what the WWW really has to offer on this subject and there are 100’s of free videos and even more pictures out there waiting on you just to see


8 thoughts on “HaPenis Rimmed

  1. I love a good 69 where I’m on my back and the guy straddles me so I have his cock, balls, and ass readily available for oral treatment.
    I can feel the guy sucking my big cock as I suck his. Then I suddenly switch to drawing circles around his assring with the tip of my tongue. I feel how his sucking changes character, and how his nostrils exhaust more hot breath on my balls. Then I apply some suction to is anus while slowly pushing my tongue in. His moans turn into who little whimpers, as he starts to throat fuck himself on my cock. I stab at his anus with my tongue in a rapid pace. It instinctively tries to keep me out, but my tongue is just too pointy and slippery.
    Now he sits up on my face, completely losing himself in the pleasure, as I steer his body with my tongue up his arse like a hand inside a puppet. I start masturbating my cock, giving him the ok to stroke his while watching me. I can feel his anus building up that orgasm, and soon it starts throbbing like crazy as out cum loads meet each other half way across my torso.

      1. Heheh of course it’s a cliche reply! Sex is cliche. It’s been/being had by millions of people for millions of years and I doubt there is anything new under the sun to write about it.

        Except for the last time I had sex and rimmed a guy, of course. The most original, mind blowing sex ever. That’s why we keep writing about it. 😉

  2. Chupar cu de macho é bom demais..
    Sou expert em dar lambidas e chupões no orifício anal masculino..Ah, se for uma bunda peluda melhor ainda!!

    1. You are so very right. I love the natural scent and taste of a masculine man’s ass hole. I want him to wash well after he relieves himself. After that let the natural musky scent build up. I do agree that everybody has their own scent. Some men have a very heavy potent musk, others are kind of lite and less musky. Many men are to self conscious about scent to let you rim them. They are afraid they will be judged by their scent and you will be put off. To me this is a way of showing your partner that you accept him and all that is him.

      1. Man, i love rimming! i am a 34 year old top, and have rimmed about 50 bottoms over the years. every ass truly is different. some have a woodsy scent and mild taste, some are a little bitter. some are perfectly clean, some have deep scents to them. either way i get a nice hot ass to lick, i will take it.

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