Massage My sacred Manhood with concentration, observation, sensuality, the lightest touch, a hairs breath. With rhythm, timing, authority, inquisitiveness, instinctive, tender, creative, like it’s the first time you ever touched one. The touch of the familiar, the touch of the stranger, the unseen touch, the blindfold, four hands, multiple hands, hands close barely touching, caressing, giving and receiving, like a breath from one to another. The touch of fingers, face, breath, tongue, tonsils, throat, warm, hot, cold, hot, brush, feather, hard brush lightly, badger brush, you! Source

My manhood is sacred. It needs affection, attention, touch, admiration, worship and a place to explode in an orgasmic climax of force, power and ecstasy. Source

I like to have it massaged, using oil, extremely slowly at the beginning, the pleasure is in the subtle sensation of the different zones of the penis, the pubis, the shaft, the crown, the glans, the tip. Alternating different strokes, speed and pressure from gentle stillness to firm grip, allowing the sensations to ripple through the body from head to toe, the current of pleasure finding its way through the spine like water rushing up to the top of the head and circulating down to the soles of the feet in a continuous flow of energy. Source

Being very sensitive I would like the massage to be gentle and stimulating. The massager should enjoy the massage as much as me from start to finish. Slow and focused with intention of giving pleasure to my ‘sacred manhood’. Source

1 thought on “My Sacred Manhood

  1. sometimes I like to play my penis along, because I know my body needs well, I know how to control myself, I like to see other people penis, I like to feel the manhood during jerking because that from the bottom of our hearts

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