Getting older (early fifties) has not meant that the experience of sexuality, passion and desire has dissipated and petered out. On the contrary, advancing age has brought unexpected insights and surprises; new personal depth and understanding of male sexuality; a renewed inner fire, invigorating and expanding personal desires and passions; an elevated sense of mystical communion with a sacred, divine, sexual energy pulsating ever stronger within. And astonishing discoveries of what new pleasure a man’s body is capable of. Ironically, the external world does not appear to understand the righteous male sexuality clumsily alluded to here. New, non-binary concepts obfuscate it. Depictions of masculinity as toxic, abusive and destructive threaten to eclipse this complex and beautiful experience of masculinity, sometimes making it shameful and apparently, ugly to be male. This is why I visit to this site. To wallow in the words and the images posted by Mr Cox and his friends and admirers. It thrills to see private experiences (that I once thought were mine alone) being expressed by men of all persuasions and ages, from all over the planet. It makes me understand that there is a shared experience of masculinity that is greater than I am and that this may well be the eternal force which authors the sexuality that defines me.

The Hermit

It is for these kind of insights that I am devote follower of this blog. I’m a married man of 57 feeling exactly as The Hermit. Word by word. Masculinity is a sacred space of a man’s soul. And there’s no other way of sharing it but with another man, no matter if married, divorced, single or any sexual orientation. Thanks again for this wonderful space of sharing


I came out relatively ‘late’ in life, after a loving marriage and children. It was not an easy time for my wife or myself but we managed to get to a place where now our friendship is as strong as ever and my sexuality is never an issue with her, or my boys ( now grown men ) . I’m still a Dad and Grandfather and never take that for granted . I’m lucky . Andres and Hermit , your words resonate and are very powerful.


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10 thoughts on “Mystical Communion

  1. I’ve always been attracted to older men from the moment I started to take an interest in sex. Hairy dad types were my big turn on as a young man. Now I’m in my late fifties myself I still get excited by the flash of chest hair through the collar of an open shirt; by hairy forearms …and getting to slowly undress a suited guy of my own age is just as exciting as I imagined it would be as a horny teenager 40 years ago…

    1. As a teenager myself, I find myself thinking that my attraction to older men comes from my fatherlessness, combined with my homosexuality… A very dangerous combination. It is actually hard for me to have an interest in guys my age as I only like muscular, hairy, patronizing older men.
      Strangely enough I like having these men under my behest. I want them to be submissive to me.
      Truly I express my frustration and trauma through my sexuality. It’s fascinating to discover the ways in which my subconscious mind tends to translate these things

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