I considered myself strictly straight butt the most intense sexual experience I had was with my best m8 on a boys weekend! He crashed at our hotel after the rugby and we ended up sleeping off the piss in bed. I woke up to find his huge cock sliding between my ass cheeks and balls while he massaged my cock. Initially I thought ‘Wot the Fuck?’ But we had a fantastic night sucking and wanking each other to orgasm. We never talked about it after but I gotta say I often think about that night. Who says you’re either one way or the other? I certainly don’t any more!


2 thoughts on “After The Rugby Art

  1. Yep. Sometimes it’s good to have a m8 whose an extension of your own hand. Two big blokes don’t need to talk about it. Doing was horny. Nuff said.

  2. I used to suck off a Rugby team at College in the 80s. Wish I could find a local team in the US that needs my skills.

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