Every inch and every part must be touched with care and softness, the body is a temple but we live in our heads. A tender, gentle, almost passive lingering touch is the most erotic, calming yet invigorating deep cleansing of the mind, body and soul

Massage happens with words and thoughts too. The whole body is involved. There is skill and self-discipline, with much to learn from experience, to turn each end into a new start. Altered states of consciousness reward the considered approach. Individuals meld into an eternal, universal whole. Time and space become meaningless. Manhood has its wider geographies to treat on promising paths. New, long routes to new destinations. Empathy tells where the other is moment by moment as the body is transcended.


There’s a lot to be said for sapiosexuality, for connecting on an emotional and spiritual level beyond the intensity that physical pleasure can bring. In any sensual act of massage one receives and the other gives. As the recipient of lingam massage I would be hoping for a permission based meeting of minds as well as the physical pleasure of being caressed and stroked. As the masseur or giver, my intention would be the stimulation of the recipient’s mind as well as the body.


3 thoughts on “Out Of Your Head & Into Your HaPenis

      1. Seb, like David I wish to have your total coxology imagery in my brain… you’re a ‘big’ part of this community, like me you have no worries being totally naked being here.

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