Hi, my name is Beercan10. I’m an exhibitionist at heart, although I have had sex with a few women after pulling this out. One very heart pumping moment came in the city of Monterey, CA. I often visited a club called the “Oaktree.” I knew most of the regulars by name or face. One day while going into a liquor store I noticed a very pretty white women that I had seen at the Oaktree. I decided to have some fun. I walked over to her car while she was seated, and I pulled out my dick and let it hit the top of the car door with a thud. I couldn’t believe how exciting, and how free this felt, but we were in public and cars were actually passing by. She looked at me with a very coy smile and gave it a lick….the seconds seemed like minutes. I quickly put away my dick and moved out of the public eye. I saw here a few weeks later at the Oaktree. I was with a girlfriend, and we looked at each other with a smile.

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  1. The girth alone is killer, You remind me of the 1970’s pornstar named Long Dong Silver who is 18 inches, you are not as long but you are double digit in length both your length and girth are superior. The shock I experienced after watching those Long Dong movies was of pure amazement. I have some friends and people I know who like you are galatic in length and girth and it is still shocking and amazing. The other qualities they have are amazing. I would love to be that big as Im only 7.5″ in length but I dont know my girth. I realy envy you! Simply amazed!

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