Christopher Peter Meloni (born April 2, 1961) is an American actor known for his roles as Detective Elliot Stabler on the NBC drama series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and as Chris Keller on HBO’s Oz. He has a big fat thick slong.

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11 thoughts on “christopher meloni has a big fat thick slong

  1. It’s time for him to get a blowjob again. a real blowjob from a gay male lover.

  2. He is the best ! Love him on everything I’ve seen him on ! And yes, he is sexy !

  3. I love Christopher, he’s a very talented actor and he has a gorgeous body. And nude he is so hot.

  4. Yeah Christopher Meloni he’s a man’s man. Although he is married I mean no disrespect to his wife but damn she is one hot good looking man who I would do anything to go down on respectfully. Christopher Meloni if you’re ever in Reno Nevada look me up.

  5. I am gay in u.s.a. and I just lovd these celeberties of mle actors like Christopher meloni wow he is soooo SEXY woud have loved to suck his fat cock 😉 and 😛 also loved Sean Connery and Roger Moore
    I just love to see celeberties naked maleonly no women for me thanks anyways but am so interesting to see videos if made if any male celebertes ever naked carwash at their home and sponge bubblebath with another man and more just male gay males only thanks isn’t sean connery bi ? just wondering

    love his style and he is sooo SEXY too 😀 and :-p
    naked warm friendly hugz

    1. yes chris is soo fucki hot i watch oz occasionaly to see him nude HUGE TURN ON !!!

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