Jason Dottley Erect 2

Jason Dottley is an American TV and stage actor, recording artist and producer. His work for gay rights, his Out 100 status and his year after year successes have made him a “Superstar in the masculinity community.”

Jason Dottley Erect

He first worked professionally as an actor in “Lisbon Traviata” in Los Angeles in 2003. He was introduced to the global TV community when he starred as “Ty” in “Sordid Lives: The Series.” He later released three records in the United States, all three (“Party Round the World”, “Pop It” and “It’s Our Night” going Top 25 on Billboard. “Pop It” was a Top 10 UK smash hit, and “It’s Our Night” was a Top 20 UK Pop summer hit. He was a member of 2008’s Out 100 Most Influential People in GLBT culture.


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