Michael Hoffman nakedmichael-hoffman naked
Michael Hoffman American Bodybuilder has caused quite a sensation on the internet by releasing this x-rated video of himself.

3 thoughts on “Michael Hoffman X-Rated Video

  1. Hehas sincegone tattoo crazy. Thats like putting a moustach on the statue David. For the most part he’s pretty and his videos are pretty boring. I guess he didnt realize that ther’re thousands of pretty faces with incredible bodies out there. You also have charisma and/or doing something worth watching. Sadly he was niether take a page out fellow (str8???) camer Dustin Zito.

  2. I don’t know whether Michael did himself any favors by posting this nude jack off video. In this genre, over exposure seems to be the kiss of death. I’m glad he hadn’t pumped his muscles any farther when this video was made. Overly muscled men are something of a turn off for me. In this video, Michael looks good… just about right. If Michael stops beating off for anyone who asks, the volume of his ejaculate will increase, and he’ll be able to ejaculate without as much effort… RobtheElder

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