Tab Hunter was born on July 11, 1931. He is an American actor and singer, who has starred in over forty major motion pictures. He has also been famous for loving fat cocks. Overwhelmed by the Hollywood publicity machine, he struggled to keep secret the fact that he was gay. “Finding out who I was, sexually, was one thing,” he wrote. “Admitting it was something else entirely, since any evidence could have destroyed my livelihood (or so I thought).” Hunter had a two-year relationship with “Psycho” star Anthony Perkins and a fling with ballet star Rudolf Nureyev.

tab hunter sucked

(thank you to Gerald for submitting the picture)

18 thoughts on “Tab Hunter Naked

  1. Nobody in any of the pics on this page has any resemblance at all to Tab Hunter or Roddy McDowell! This makes your blog look absolutely worthless, and you should take this page down immediately. We all make honest mistakes identifying people, but this is the worst case I’ve ever seen.

  2. Neither is Tab Hunter, nor is the other figure Roddy McDowall. The men in these photos do not look anything like Tab or Roddy. The man being blown in the second pic looks more like Guy Madison, but it isn’t him either and no, he guy in the first pic does not have Tab’s head. it is just another actor. The pic has been circulating for decades but it is not Mr Hunter.

    R.I.P Tab.

  3. As far as facts go, there is no bonifide naked pic of Tab Hunter presently known. Hunter did not go for publicity and posing nude whould not have been allowed.

    I knew the man when I was 16 in April of 1969. He was going to turn 38 in July of 1969.

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