The Great Secret of Pink Tantra(aka Celtic Tantra) – It’s not about copying some-one else’s tantra, it’s about creating your own. Only then will you be truly authentic. Pink Tantra focuses on the heart chakra. Pink is the color of loving kindness, sexual healing, balance, tranquillity, and serenity. Pink brings wholeness to our lives. Place your tantric hands on your heart think of a loving kindness act you done in the last week. Feel that energy in the very tips of your fingertips. Gradually increase your loving kindness into the core of your fingers and down into the palms of your hand. Pink Tantra is a sexy spiritual path to recovery after the damaging experiences so many of us have had from our “chosen” religion.

Pink Tantra has absolutely nothing to do with gay tantra. Gay Tantra  Teachers often want to control you  and have you become a fully-fledged member, like as if you are part of their cult. Their teachings are expressed within a heterosexual framework – that excludes so many of us. Their’s  is a very westernised concept  of tantra. Pink Tantra teachers on the other hand teach you how to fly, and make and do your own dreams

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