Qi-Gung Edging Introduction

Edging is the sport of the gods. I sometimes spend hours, bringing my self really close, then relaxing and taking the most deepest breaths of my life. I let my cock return to a flaccid state while tickling my rosebud. I repeat the ritual at least 81 times. Edging : Bring yourself close and then start all over again, Edging yourself to joy, Edging yourself to pleasure, Edging yourself to a greater ejaculation

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i AM very horny today. . . so made a candid video while stroking and explaining my practice. . . imperfect, but practicing – the book i’m studying from is called The Multi Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia. i highly recommend it. and if anyone is very skilled in this type of sexual energy manipulation (or others) and wants to come play and explore with me, please say so! I’m mostly turned on by “daddy bears” but i’m open to exploring with anyone. Qi-Gung Edging Introduction. SATYRVINE

3 thoughts on “Qi-Gung Edging Introduction

  1. Edging IS the ” sport of the gods.” I’m transported to another place and time when I edge my hard cock. A new realm, a new plane of ecstacy.

  2. Edging is nice..getting close to come..and drain it..and swollowing the cum that comes out while edging it close to coming for hours..

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