Howdy y’all, I am a 59 y/o bi man, and I do get a regular prostate massage whenever i can find a partner with a nice hard one, and after the massage I always like to drink a pure protein COCKtail. As for this healthy diet. Has it not come to mind, that 50 years ago prostate cancer was all but unheard of. Back then the skin of the chicken was the best part. The problem is not what we eat, but what is being fed to our food. Whenever you can find it have your self a nice rare longhorn beef steak. There are no artificial hormones and no antibiotics. Have some beans and hammocks. When you can get them from your own garden or from someone that you know eat fresh veggies and eat them raw. Whenever possible get your vitamins from your food and leave the pills in the bottle. It has become necessary for me to change my eating habits. I need to lose some weight to make it easier for me to breath. I have c.o.p.d. (it comes from smoking too long not from eating the wrong food). You will notice that I said change my eating habits, diet is a four letter word and consider the first three letters DIEt. I aint ready for that. We need to step back a few years and stop stressing, because stress is the real bad guy here. Gary

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  1. The problem more than anything is overconsumption. So, if a 12 oz can of Coke has 39 grams of sugar, how much is in a 44 oz cup? (143 grams, minus the amount of ice which is around 1/3 to 1/2, multiplied by the number of refills.) And convenience stores have 64 oz cups, for 208 grams, again subtracting ice.

  2. Hey Gary,
    Hope your diet changes maintain a bit of everything in moderation, ie…..we aren’t pigs so don’t act like one.
    The other part of this that I have been noticing, at 54yrs, is that so many younger guys have gynacomastia, or breasts or worse still moobs. Now this can happen to men as we age and the testosterone levels start dropping. But these guys are young and chubby without being overly fat. I am amazed that they seem to accept these demasculinised bodies, is it ok because it’s happening to all of them?
    In my mind, this points squarely at the hormones in our food, is our race going to become a bunch of feminised guys who testicles are likely suffering and shrinking as well, who can fire some really healthy sperm to keep the population going?….
    I remember they used to say “you are what you eat” and I reckon this is showing. I also remember reading in my mum’s woman’s weekly in the 70s that it was very good to down a well-shaken COCKtail as it was high in protein!! I think all men vaguely interested in penis knows that….
    Thanks Gary

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