Your penis is the very core of you. Nurture your penis and you nurture your entire being. Give your penis a blessing, and you bless your spirit. And as you slowly massage your magnificence, you are also sensually opening your mind.

As a man your penis is your best asset, your family jewels. Do your best to create a happier and brighter future for you and your penis. Erections should be a feature of every day activity, so the shape of the HaPenis is kept. Create a happier and brighter future for you and your penis. Nurture, bless, massage & CUMM, everyday of your life.

Do you feel a deep sense of spiritual connection to your penis. Does your penis, bring you joy and happiness? Please take a second, to make a comment.

5 thoughts on “The HaPenis Teddy Bears

  1. I reacted to the image of the two teddybears.
    Years ago I made this image for a challenge themed ”toys for adults”. Most other artists made intricate dildo designs and images themed around sex toys. This was the first thing to come to my mind. Today the rendition looks like crap, but it’s the idea that counts. The image was quickly buried under all the contributions and got no attention at all. 😂😂😂

  2. I would love to Explore All Different Methods of Massage on My Manhood From Slow Long Milking, edging, Fast Pumping, to Teasing around. Hopefully Find the Best Way to Ejaculate and Get The Most Pleasure

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