For many men the frenulum and the perineum are the most sensitive part of their body for sexual pleasure. Researchers asked 81 healthy men to rate the erotic sensitivity of different areas of their bodies, including certain parts of the penis, the scrotum, anus, nipples, and neck. The underside of the glans and underside of the shaft had the highest sensitivity rating for a significant majority of men, followed by the upper side of the glans, left and right sides of the glans, sides of the penis, upper side of the shaft, and foreskin (for the minority of men who were uncircumcised). The study findings were reported in the British Journal of Urology International in 2009.

6 thoughts on “the most sensual sexual pleasure

  1. I have always thought about the feeling of bein uncut. I have also watched videos of men giving blow jobs to uncut men. It looks like a lot of extra time having to make the uncut man orgasem. I don’t mean to judge for I have never had the privilege to experience that extra sensation to give. So maybe some day I will. I love sucking on cock. Feeling so good.

  2. Wait, 4/5 of the world is uncut. And if we’re talking English speaking countries only, uncircumcised men still outnumber circumcised one. In Canada, Australia, and the UK, only around 20% of babies are being circumcised. In America, since the 1990s only 56% are getting cut and it’s getting lower every year. Uncut men aren’t a minority unless your taking about only America specifically. I wish I was uncut though. It’d be nice to understand how having foreskin feels like with all those extra nerves.

    1. Thank u Dennis for your comment! I was just thinking the same thing… perhaps he’s referring to the US and/or the Middle East? Odd. Anyway, I’m always glad to come across good, common sense comments such as yours 🙂

    2. Dennis,
      I’m cut too. I have thought about how it would feel to be uncut; but, there are minuses being uncut, though: Accidents with zippers, higher rate of urinary tract infections, infectious under the foreskin, greater risk of penile cancer, higher rate of all sexually-related diseases, wives/S.O.’s of uncut men have a greater risk of uterine cancer. On the other side, cut men have decreased sexual sensitivity secondary to the circumcision! Cut men aren’t immune to contracting sexually transmitted diseases; they only have lower rates of STD’s. So, if the education could be ramped up for uncut men to be cognizant of the proper care of their penises in hygiene, sexual health and accident prevention, perhaps babies being born would remain uncut! I was circumcised because the foreskin was sealed; thus I was unable to pass urine! This was explained to me by my dad when I asked why we were different. I have wondered, though, why cut off so much? If you buy a pair of pants; and, they need to be altered, the tailor doesn’t cut them off up to the knees! Something to think about…

  3. Wait, anal…LIPS? My bunghole must be weird, for I lack lips.

    Anyway, for me, it’s the frenulum. That said, I can confirm the erotic potential of the perineum. As a teenager, I sometimes watched Hercules movies on AMC with friends. We got to talking about (male) sex in ancient Greece and soon we were sticking out cocks between each other’s thighs.

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