Every time I ask the wife for sex, she tells me to go and fuck myself. So, while she is away I like to indulge myself with a session of male self-buggery, a rather jolly good wank with some anal self fucking. i GET Slightly aroused to the point of having a semi.  i get on the bed and exposed my arsehole to the moon. I take huge big deep, breaths and I gently tease my rose buddy. After 8.1 minutes, I have to go to the bathroom.  i very, sensually bend over, the toilet seat. I cup my bullocks and with the other i stroke my dick to maintain a semi-erection. I Slowly and carefully, begin to pull my entire balls area up and clockwise while at the same time, i move my dick clockwise down. Eventually, I will slowly twist my dick and balls in such way as to have them swap positions. I’m always lubed and ready.

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  1. I love a big man’s phat arse, they are always deliciously tight. I like to spend a good hour telling him how beautiful his arse is. A further hour of gently kissing his anal lips and then another of deep rimming. Then before I send him back to fuck his missus, I tell him to fuck like he would like to be fucked. Then you have to wait, sometimes for years. Butt, the next time they come to see you, he has already lubed his hungry hole. I always ride then, I mean really, really rise hten

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